Katrina Nolan 

As an artist, my work encompasses many different ideas and themes. Idea generation and the process of creating artwork has always been an important consideration for me.

Having previously completed a BA in Jewellery design, my research and methods of practice are often informed by my experience as a jeweller. My latest work; ‘The Index Project’ aims to amass and organise all of my ideas into a central place where I can begin to work through them in a methodical way.

This way of working has allowed me to explore various avenues

of interest as well as generate further ideas.

Taking found objects and transforming the common or banal into something new is one of the main focuses of my work. Exploring the revival of dead ideas or forgotten material means that for me, everything has the potential for renewal. The subversive often plays a role in my projects where I take elements of life that are perhaps considered taboo and bring them to the fore. In doing so I am making them a point of discussion, exposing them rather than hiding them.

As an artist I feel it is important to be able to generate lots of ideas, so aside from researching other artists, I use the situations, people and objects I encounter every day. In the past I have generated ideas from stains on pavements, broken televisions, reflections in mirrors or odd turns of phrase. I try not to discount anything and embrace mistakes and mishaps as these can, potentially, produce the most exciting and unexpected works of art.

Own website: www.katrinanolan.co.uk

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