Kate Grimes 

As a jeweller, Kate’s work aims to highlight the many different forms jewellery incorporates and how it plays a pivotal role as a marker of meaning, a container of memories and as a way of sharing stories.


Her pieces are created by focusing on materials which are response-led to place, in-depth research, a variety of documentation methods and through her work, Kate explores how objects contain and hold past experiences, be that in a literal or metaphorical sense and how they influence and are influenced by the surroundings they find themselves residing in.


This moving around is something that is inherent in Kate’s work and serves as one of the key elements she is endeavouring to capture; the transient nature of traces of the residual and sometimes forgotten narratives that lie in situ. Via the process of exploration, these suppressed memories are subsequently freed up and given room to gain something of a deeper meaning, value and beauty.

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Sunflowers .jpeg
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