Our debut exhibition as a collective was entitled 'Substrata'



- An underlying layer or substance, in particular a layer of rock or soil beneath the surface of the ground.



- A foundation or basis of something

This exhibition was held at the Crypt Gallery in Kings Cross. A selection of pieces were exhibited by the Makers 8 artists, all interpreting the word ‘Substrata’ in their own way. Please see images of the show below. 



mehrak 2.jpg

Work pictured above: Mehrak Davoudi 

The reflected and manipulated object is that which operates in and beyond space, inwards and outwards, inducing vertigo, engagement and distortions of perspective. Here is a sense in which one can lose oneself. These visual principles rise and cross through different points, carrying mysterious moments of memory, experienced repeatedly. Each occurrence inspires something puzzling, performative, yet stoic; an object which presents views from disparate angles that engages and manipulates the same viewer but in different ways. This object can appear to carry a multiplicity of emotions and infer struggle. The materials find themselves in an on-going battle; in some ways defeated, in others victorious, recalling the resonance of a particular condition. Presenting itself as a distorted reflection which morphs into a completely liquid form, or is camouflaged in its environment, what is left is emptiness with no real solidity.



Work pictured above: Susan Jane Dunford

‘May the light of the blessed Gospel thus ever illuminate the dark temples of the Heathen’ Brick, Portland Stone, Terracotta, London Clay, Chalk, Gault. Through the continual cycle of biology and geology living things become rocks, rocks become buildings, buildings become beaches. Nature becomes culture, and culture becomes nature. Recorded within our built structures isn't merely our desire to find shelter, but also our desires, dreams, faults and fears. Referencing the geology of the region and the architecture of St Pancras Church, this work will explore the human trace within our built and natural environment, in the form of a site-specific installation, containing real architectural fragments, handmade ceramic and textile samples, built structures, field notes and drawings.


Work pictured above: Kate Grimes 

Within the theme of Substrata I intend to respond to the diverse mix of narratives of those who have passed through the area over the years, whose traces have been directly or indirectly left behind. I will be exploring how materials can shape and affect an area and vice versa. Allowing those who are often ignored or overlooked, the opportunity to be seen and heard.


Work pictured above: Anne Black 

For the theme of Substrata, my work  will be based on the trees surrounding the church and bringing the outside in. I plan to make a canopy of prints on fabric. 


Work pictured above: Alison Lam


I intend to explore and respond to the Crypt Vaults and passage ways using my process and method of working. Picking up fragments or discarded objects both outside and inside of the Crypt, to create something that makes us look again.

angela 2.jpg

Work pictured above: Angela Paola Rossi 

My practice in relation to the group show Substrata at the Crypt Gallery will look at some aspect of its layered history and future. The artwork which will be a combination of painting and poetry, which will be inserted into an existing piece of an architectural detail at the gallery. The main part of the artwork will not be hung on the wall in the traditional sense.

kat 2.jpg

Work pictured above: Katrina Nolan


My own personal interpretation of the word Substrata, which can be described in it’s broadest sense as ‘the basis or foundation for something’ will be focused on photography. Using three ‘basics’ of photography (an aperture, a light sensitive material and shadows) I will create a series of works that juxtapose different images. This contrast in imagery will be used as a tool to highlight various subjects including love/hate, pure/impure and life/death. I have always found the comparison of such extremes to be a thought-provoking and rich area of research in relation to the visual arts


Work pictured above: Mary Wong


Substrata refers to any layer lying underneath an other. Exhibiting in the Crypt under the church, I consider my works as one of the layers immersed in this historical architecture. I would like to create impermanent sculptures that relate to layers of time, the fragmentation of history and memory behind this historical building and the surrounding area.