“Autobiography becomes topography; the space of the life becomes

the life of the space.” (Rendell, Jane 2006 : Art and architecture: a place between.)


Angela Paola Rossi is an artist interested in places and spaces which

are overlooked. The artworks have a distinctive, restrained method

of construction, partly informed by her architectural training. There

is a connection between the artworks she made as a child and what

she does now, since both site and play inform the chance elements

in her practice. 


Observations on the site have been identified and documented and

a corresponding task or move has been executed on the artworks.

This has been achieved by using a site-responsive mark-making checklist, mapped on a flowchart and spreadsheet. This site responsive approach to artwork integrates the subject of the site with expressivity. A dice is used to select the tool. This moment is therefore contextualised, and brings unknown quantities, challenges, riches to the practice.


Film, sound and photography form part of the research process into

the overlooked spaces and are incorporated into the final exhibition

of paintings.