Alison Lam

I have been exploring the aspects of autism dialogues through colour, words, materials. This has led me to look at other materials that I thought displayed or showed fragility and labelling. I explore differing materials to portray fragility, discarded, rejected and even though we look the same we are all so different. 

My art is cathartic, drawn from a well of personal experience and the rollercoaster of daily challenges bringing up two autistic boys. I intend to create a platform of communication for the “unspoken” and a dialogue between combat and collaboration in “complex” relationships. I reach out beyond the myriad of clinical and social labels, which define and influence how we view people, objects, and how in turn we are viewed by society. Beauty can make us stop to reflect and take a “second look” but sometimes we need a bit of encouragement when it is not so obvious.


The definition of “Rubbish” is: waste material, refuse, litter, discarded things considered unimportant and valueless.  It is easy to turn a blind eye to what we consider “rubbish” we glance once and look away or simply turn a blind eye. I am like a magpie I pick up shinny things amongst litter, I scour factory and foundry floors for scrap metal.

I recognise beauty in things discarded and I want to give things a chance to be seen out of context, looked at in detail, to entice people to look beyond a first impression upon which often sets a label. 

alison new.jpg